Görlitz: Hollywood’s darling European city

Do you like European architecture? Here’s some architecture porn for you fairytale lovers:

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This lovely town is nestled between Germany and Poland, in which the left bank is Polish and the right belongs to Germany. So now I can say that I have also been to Poland as well!

Many cities in Germany were destroyed WWII and Görlitz was no exception, however, they did a great job in rebuilding and preserving its buildings. That’s all made possible due to the fact that Görlitz has an anonymous donor who gives the city one million euros every year under two conditions: The name of the donor must be kept secret and the money must be used exclusively for the rehabilitation of the old town.

And they kept their word… Since then, Görlitz has been the set for Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds, Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, and other films such as The Book Thief, and The Reader.

For the entire day, we didn’t go to any museums, theaters or anything special but just simply stroll around the city until we crossed the scenic bridge into Poland. Once there, we rested at a cute Polish restaurant along the bank. Suddenly everything was cheap because we were in Poland! And they even accept euros too 🙂

20150621_155143 20150621_155246 20150621_155550 20150621_155910 20150621_155918 20150621_160003


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