B̶i̶g̶ ̶F̶a̶t̶ ̶G̶r̶e̶e̶k̶ Weekend Food Fest

I’m very fortunate to live in a city where there is always a festival happening–even weekdays.  After work I headed to the Griechischer Markt im Wochenmarkt located at the Markthalle Neun where the theme was “Greek” but many other ethnic food were represented as well.

But of course, my preference for Asian food dominated and this is what I consumed today:

IMG_20150716_222915 IMG_20150716_223314

My eyes were immediately glued to the Takoyaki stand by the Japanese corner. Takoyaki is basically octopus inside a ball shaped dough glazed with worcester sauce and mayonaise and sprinkled with dried bonito–dried fish flakes. You stab it with a toothpick to eat! 5€ for six balls, a bit expensive for Berlin but food is always worth it in any circumstances.

IMG_20150716_223651 20150716_184744

It’s not healthy but I skipped right to deserts after takoyaki. How could I help myself when there was a stand filled with all these crazy ice cream flavors I’ve never heard of? They even had moscow mule flavored ice cream and Rhubarb–a red vegetable that so far I’ve only discovered here in Germany. Since I’m obsessed with green tea, I took that. However, if I had more money and a bigger stomach, I would definitely try more! 1.50€ a scoop, not bad!

Other foods that’s also worth trying out:

20150716_190357 IMG_20150716_224011

Korean BBQ Pork Burger: Slow cooked Korean BBQ pork with housemade cucumbers, pickles, cabbage kimchi drizzled in lime mayo on a signature black sesame bun. It’s definitely eye-catching.

IMG_20150716_224218 Vietnamese banh xeo: Crepes with coconut milk

20150716_184659 Did I mention the endless selection of cakes!!!! Very unique creations that you won’t find anywhere else. Berlin is awesome for cakes.

20150716_182605 20150716_191436

My final meal was also the longest line at the food fest. Taiwanese street style pork belly buns! Look……

IMG_20150716_224406 IMG_20150716_224720

Was it worth the wait? Hell yes! The caramelized pork belly was cooked so well that the flavors were soaked throughout the entire meat and when you bite into it, not only was it so juicy and soft but the unique favors of the pork complimented the opposite flavors of the Taiwanese cabbage salad, spied coriander, and peanut butter sauce. And it all happened between a steamed white bun, that’s as fluffy as clouds.

IMG_20150716_224944 Then I digested it all with a nice cold green tea soy milk drink. 🙂 A very healthy decision after all that meat.

20150716_203954 20150716_203923

And after all that feasting I strolled to Görlitzer Park to have a nice sit and chitchatted with my friend. Of course it’s not Görlitzer without the occasional Roma Gypsies coming by to ask for used bottles. If you’re a dude, the drug dealers stop you to sell some drugs. If you’re a girl, you will get cat-called. If you’re an Asian girl like me, the thugs will follow you and holla “ni hao” or “konnichiwa” or “sushi.” #Berlin


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