Kimchi Princess – “Let them eat kimchi” | Strandbar an der Spree

20150717_184837The best place for Korean food/BBQ I’ve found in Berlin so far. Slightly more expensive with price range from 10€-20€ but the food quality and the customer service make it worth it. 🙂

20150717_191040 20150717_185836

I was REALLY hungry after work so I chose Dolsot Bibimbap, which is perfect to satisfy an empty stomach. Imagine a generous bowl of rice with flavourful cooked vegetables, a fried egg laid on on top, with spicy Korean Chilli Paste on the side with a hint of aromatic sesame oil and a sprinkle of some seaweed. This dish was traditionally eaten just because people had to get rid of their scraps of leftovers, but now it’s very popular. Even zee Germans like it! Sitting under 33°C weather definitely called for an iced gguldechucha–honey and jujuberry drink.  

Berlin, dirty but sexy

It’s a pretty dirty city. Since I mostly hang out in the Eastern part, remnants of communism is clearly shown on the architecture and the layout of the city. But this all adds to the unique charm of the city! As we were looking for the Strandbar (Beach Bar) called Sage Restaurant in Kreuzberg, we arrived at some abandoned East Berlin factories that looked pretty shitty. At first we thought we were lost, but as we walked through the entrance of the abandoned factories, we found the Strandbar! We were pleasantly greeted with this:

20150717_203145 20150717_203003

20150717_202947 20150717_202933 20150717_204004

Like an oasis in the desert! There are always hidden charms in this city. 🙂


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