Sächsische Schweiz – Hiking in the rain


Do you like nature?

Not many people consider this, but Germany is a land of natural beauty! When it comes to Europe, I think too often many people skip right to the romantic streets of Paris or the posh London atmosphere, that they unfortunately overlook the diversity that Germany has to offer.

For my birthday, my boyfriend gave me a trip to eastern Germany and we made a stop at the Sächsische Schweiz national park. It is one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen in all of my trips around Europe.

From Dresden, we took the train until Rathen Village. Although it was the middle of June, the weather wasn’t actually very warm, probably around 15-18 Celsius (60-64 Fahrenheit). But I couldn’t complain because the whole area was a fairytale wonderland. As we hiked up the mountains, it drizzled until heavy rain fell upon us then we would eventually have to seek shelter under a small rock. But none of that bothered me because I was so happy to be wondering in such luscious green hills and spectacular rock formations.

On the hike downwards, we reached a town called Stadt Wehlen, which had their own charm as well. It was a nice way to end our hiking trip as we wondered around and enjoyed the beauty of old German style houses, window shopped at some petite  chocolate shops, and the old cobble stone squares. Makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.


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