Dresden – A regal city


My favorite city in Germany!


 Well, after all my travels around Germany, usually a city would have only a few massive, prominent structure that catches the traveler’s attention when entering upon the city for the first time. Whereas Dresden presents you with a handful of these marvelous structures that have been rebuilt and renovated since WWII.

Dresden, unfortunately, was one of the cities that was almost completely destroyed (about 75% or even more) during WWI but in a way, the visible burnt remnants from each grand structure is what I find the most charming. Now, this is an extremely old city! It dates back to the 12th century, but after all the chaos that has consumed Germany up until today today, these buildings are standing as strong and regal as ever. Even with rebuilding, the darkened stones serves as a reminder of Europe’s dark past but as well as the natural beauty it always had.

Another thing I find interesting. This is the city where PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West), basically, the anti-immigration/foreigners group established its base here. However, from my perspective, the city is doing almost everything in its power to show to everyone that PEGIDA’s views are not a reflection of Dresden.

And my favorite and most popular attraction in Dresden… The Zwinger (German for “fortification”), which is a palace. Yes, yet another palace (Germany is filled with palaces all over the country). But what I love about this is the spacious courtyard in the middle of it all and surrounded by Rococo style. When I entered, I was immediately welcomed with a violinist playing Chopin, Mozart, and all the wonderful classical masters.

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