Gärten der Welt || Gardens of the World

20150802_131536“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”

The Secret Garden

I love large gardens because there’s something enchanting about getting lost in them. Here at the Gärten der Welt, one most certainly can since it’s nearly 100-hectares. It’s basically a huge park with gardens from Japan, China, Bali, Korea, and also one inspired from the Christianity, which I thought wasn’t very Christian-y. I think the biggest one in the park was the Chinese garden, which had its own tea house. After seeing so many Versailles like gardens in Europe, it was a nice break to rediscover my fondness for the oriental architecture.

The Chinese Garden


We did a picnic outside under the trees since it was so nice outside! As I was promenading around, I saw this incredibly cute old couple standing before a great view and had to take a picture of them. Unfortunately I didn’t befriend them but I would love to give this photo to them for memory sake.

The Christian Garden

There’s English and German bible verses and words on the wall in a cool way but that’s pretty much as Christian as it gets. Otherwise…it’s just a normal garden!

The Japanese Garden

Oriental Garden

The Korean Gardens


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