Köln – City of Cologne


My favorite Dom (cathedral) in Europe lies here. One doesn’t need to be Catholic to appreciate its attractive Gothic architecture. It’s my second time to visit Köln but unfortunately this time the Dom was under heavier than usual construction. I guess when a country like Germany has so many beautiful historical relics, the trade off is a huge investment of time and money for continuous maintenance.

I arrived early morning to the Köln Hauptbahnhof (Cologne Main Train Station) and out of the entrance, I was greeted with this:

Quite haunting, isn’t it? Then I had brunch with a friend at this fancy, posh place called Cafe Reichard. We were the only people that was below 40 years old, probably most people our age wouldn’t usually dine with such luxuries. There were even fresh rose bouquets on tables!

For lunch, my friend took us to one of Germany’s top burger joints, die Fette Kuh (the fat cow) and I have to admit that I was impressed by the burgers. 😀 If any of you ever go, I recommend the Teriyaki burger. It’s juicy and full with flavors! I had for the first time, cucumber soda, which tasted pretty awesome. It had the cooling taste of cucumbers with the sparkles of soda so it was pretty refreshing, even if you don’t like soda like me.

For the rest of day, we just walked around and explored how spacious and clean the city was. Definitely more expensive to live than Berlin but you can see why:

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