A Tale of Two Cities: Düsseldorf & Mönchengladbach


This city by the Rhine River offers a charming view of its posh and modern infrastructures while strolling down the riverside. If you’re into La Coste Polos and Brooks Brothers pants with embroiled whale prints, white, and listens to the top 40’s, then you probably belong in Düsseldorf! 😀

Coming from Berlin where the street festivals were of grungy food stands, heavy metal bands rocking on seemingly ghetto constructed stages, and fries piled on top of excessively sauced sausages, this was a 180 degrees change. My visit coincided with Düsseldorf’s “Gourmet Festival” and it was exactly what sounds. The food stands were clean and decorated with the best wood and linens. The people wore their Sunday designer bests. Filet Mignon, lobsters, oysters, and Europe’s best wines and champagnes were served in iced silver buckets. And everyone was eating with knife and fork!

If I sound critical to you then Düsseldorf is probably not your type of city. I’m just merely stating what I saw and I quite enjoyed Düsseldorf. It was a refreshing experience to be in such a clean and proper city. I was very impressed by the culture and the locals have problem no letting lose once they take off their Burberry jackets. 😉



This isn’t a very well known city and to be honest, the only reason I went here is (1) I have a friend who lives here and (2) my boyfriend’s favorite football club derives from this city. So for me, it was more of an endeavor to connect with a friend than with this city, as well as pleasing my boyfriend because he had tickets to see Borussia Mönchengladbach play.

So while my boyfriend went off to the game, my girlfriends and I basically sat all day in a Japanese restaurant and spent the hours eating sushi 😀

To digest, we took a nice stroll to Bünter Garten (colorful garden) and enjoyed the botanical scenary. 🙂


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