Let them eat cake! – Top cafes for cake lovers

I feel like there are almost many cafes in Berlin as there are dogs in this city. There’s not one corner without a cafe but the question is, which one is worth the visit? Sometimes I enter a cafe to judge the selection of cakes but when I don’t find any that’s appealing, it’s quite awkward to leave when the cafe worker is staring before you, expecting a purchase… Well I’ve done it a million shameless times so you can save yourself from this awkwardness! Just take these recommendations…

From the East Side of Berlin:

Cafe Vux in Neukölln may have a small selection of cakes but they offer very unique creations that I’ve never heard of before such as green tea chocolate cheese cake or ….

The cafe is very clean, spacious and emulates a very peaceful atmosphere with its minimalist design. The white against the natural wood strips away of all unnecessary elements and focuses on what is essential to the customer, the cake and coffee. 😀

During the summer, Cafe Vux offers the most refreshing drinks. I recommend the hausegemacht Limonade (translation: home made lemonade), freshly squeezed lemons with a hint of mint flavor–not too sweet and not too sour. If you’re into sweet and creamer things, try the strawberry banana smoothie made with only blended fresh fruits, no sweeteners.

Next we have Zucker Baby, which is also located in Neukölln, near Cafe Vux but in the more posh area of Neukölln.

Chocolate raspberry cake with American cheese cake

Go straight for the American cheesecake because it is one of the best I’ve tasted. I remember the chocolate cakes were very dense and heavy so unless you’re into that, I would suggest lighter options like the fruit cakes.

The area around the cafe is very nice so I have always sat outside during the summer. I have not been there during the winter but from its interior design, the atmosphere is quite cozy for reading a book during winter because there’s a cute chimney inside. They also offer small sandwiches and small brunch options.

Mamecha Japanese Cafe is my favorite! I prefer Asian cakes because it is more subtle in sweetness and cream unlike the heavier options of Western cakes. Located in Mitte, it’s hidden away in a quiet residential area where it shares the street with small fashion designer shops.

20150702_165910From what I’ve gathered, it feels like a pretty authentic Japanese cafe. Inside there are even low Japanese tables with pillows on tatami mats if you’d like to sit on the ground instead of chairs.

The workers are all Japanese and of course, incredibly nice and overly polite. There are bento boxes if you need a light lunch option.

They offer VERY high premium tea from Japan of one of the best qualities so I definitely recommend you to try something. The sencha and gemaicha are two favorites of mine. They also sell larger tea packages if you want to enjoy it often at the pleasure of your home.

My favorites: Crepe cake (either with Johannes berries or blueberries) and the green tea cheese cake. The green tea latte is also a fun substitute from your usual tea and coffee.

Two and Two – French and Japanese Cafe in Neukölln

20150705_140654A unique combination! Two countries that I never think had anything in common but the idea to combine the refine and sophisticated art of French baking with the Japanese emphasis on quality and perfection has encouraged a new way of looking at cakes.

This cafe is extremely small! There is only seating outside, with only 3 places to sit, on a bit or two small tables. Take away is also an option.

Because I am a green tea crazed fan, I recommend the green tea sponge cake. Green tea lattes are also available! For chocolate lovers, the chocolate bunt cake are awesome because it doesn’t overkill you with sweetness but delivers a nice creamy chocolate taste with a very soft and moist texture. The lemonade is the best I’ve had in Berlin. It’s not only home made fresh squeezed lemons but they sprinkle in lavender seeds, which altogether produces a very fragrant taste. It is to die for 😀

Milch und Zucker – a chain cafe in Warschauerstrasser, Kreuzberg, and Oranienburgerstrasse

The fruit tortes are very refreshing! I love the mango passion fruit torte–passion fruit gelatin on top with a creamy mango mousse filling.

Elit Simit – Best Tiramisu I’ve had so far…


To be honest, I don’t like Turkish sweets at all because it’s incredibly too sweet for my level so I barely enter any when I was living in Neukölln but I saw some tiramisu as I was walking by one day and since I have a weak spot for tiramisu, I tried it and it was a great decision. 😀 Super moist and soft and doesn’t overwhelm you with the cream and expresso.

For the West Side of Berlin:

Der Kuchenladen specializes in the art of cakes so it’s more of a cake shop than a cafe but it offers nice seating inside and outside, along with a coffee and tea menu so customers can stop by for a slice of cake and coffee/tea.

I order three cakes with my friends one day and we couldn’t finish. There are quite generous slices but definitely heavy. On top of that, I ordered an iced ice cream latte which extra whip cream which I couldn’t finish because I was so high on sugar.

Café-Restaurant »Wintergarten« im Literaturhaus – Sophisticated cafe

Coffee mocha cake

My boyfriend and I were the only young people in the cafe last time I recalled. Everyone was either 60 or older. Definitely a place where you need money because it’s not your average cafe. Not only did it offer cakes but meals as well.

The atmosphere screams Allen Ginsberg to me with the crazy faces of men with glasses on the wall. A bit artsy here and there. It’s located in the literature house so it’s quite nice to carry a book along for those times you want to be alone as you read and drink coffee and have cake.

Weiner Conditorei Caffeehaus – Austrian Cafe

I heard Austrians are known for baked goods so I gave this cafe a visit. It is quite a busy cafe and has a huge selection of not only cakes but cookies, pralines, and macarons. There’s no possible way to try every cake since they serve new creations everyday. It’s also popular for breakfast and brunch!


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