Europe is freaking out about Trump. But it only fuels him.

Yes, it’s not just Americans that are freaking out, whether in bigotry or fear. Our allies in Europe are having a shit-storm. The European media outlets are bewildered as to why Americans would let Trump make it this far in the 2016 primaries, and they are pretty vocal about their fear. The BBC makes this analogy:

Imagine if your much-respected but slightly annoying older sibling (the US) came home with a fantastically unsuitable date (Trump). Part of you is titillated but part of you is appalled, thinking, “Oh my God, this could go horribly wrong.” After Super Tuesday, Europe is fast moving from the former to the latter.

Katty Kay, Europe hates Trump. Does it matter?

Even the Germans laughed when Trump announced his candidacy: “It’s a Miracle Trump Didn’t Invent the Selfie.” They’re no longer laughing.

According to the French newsppaer, Le Monde, says le bouffon (the buffon) channels France’s own politician, Marine Le Pen, the poster child of modern European far right.

I understand their concern. A vote for Trump is a vote for world apocalypse. However, the effects of these Trump-fearing headlines merely invokes fear or serve as American entertainment for their European viewers, at the cost of probably beefing up the already present anti-Americanism sentiments. However, it’s not going to make any difference to the current elections.

Know thy enemy. There’s a very special thing about Trump. He and his supporters have a different ‘school of thought,’ viewed as completely absurd to most of us well-intentioned, rational beings. Nothing will stop him from continuing his political endeavours because his personal endurance is fuel by his legions of haters. Some in the Republican party would rather vote for their arch nemesis, Hillary Clinton. Comedian Louis C.K. stopped joking about Trump. And even J.K Rowling called him worse than Voldemort. Universal damnation actually transforms the dog into a beast. He’s enjoying the fact that so many notable figures have denounced him because he probably thinks he’s Jesus and anyone who condemns him is the reincarnation of Pontius Pilate.

His Achilles heel is his own supporters because without them, he is nothing. Strike his supporters then? Well, that’s one of the downsides of having America as the world leader. While everyone else in the world feels the ripples and waves of even American domestic politics, most Americans aren’t too preoccupied or even aware of this domino effect. People in Berlin, Maryland don’t give a scheiß about what people in Berlin, Germany thinks about their chosen political candidates. The foundation of his campaign is built out of paranoia and insecurities, so actually, the more the world denounces Trump, the closer his supporters will dangerously rally to this sad man. Why? “They are firmly rooted in American authoritarian.

For me and (hopefuly) most others who hold the utmost disdain for this bigot, view these global criticisms as a huge embarrassment for America. It certainly doesn’t improve our image abroad. American politics are as exciting as anticipating the next episode of House of Cards– we have no idea how the tides will change. The frightening thing is that usually, when a president leaves office, especially after two terms, there is a tendency for voters to prefer someone who is as different as possible from the incumbent.


2 thoughts on “Europe is freaking out about Trump. But it only fuels him.

  1. Nice post. I agree with you that all of the media hullabaloo doesn’t help. On the one hand, Trump is leading the GOP race so journalists need to report on him. But when they attack him, that only feeds the fire. He thrives off of coverage, and his supporters thrive off of knowing that the status quo hates him. They are a group that feels marginalized, so the fact that the “establishment” fears Trump makes him seem more legitimate.

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  2. Hi my sister Hong, Just checking how you are doing? I occasionally read your blog. Keep writing the interest ones. I like the topics you have chosen so far. Luv u. Kazu


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