Paris is always a good idea

Paris! Il est battu par les flots, mais ne sombre pas!
(Paris! She is tossed by the waves but does not sink)

The recent terrorist attacks in France does not scare me one bit from visiting this country again. There’s something about the Parisian air that has brought me back to this city a third time. It will always remain one of my favorite cities in the world and for a myriad of reasons.

  1. Food

Exquisite, original, diverse, subtle but flavorful, experimental, and beautifully presented. First words that come to my mind when I have to distinguish French food from other ethnic cuisines. Probably the main reason why I have visited this country more than any other. As a Vietnamese, we owe a lot to the French for inspiring certain Vietnamese dishes. After living in Germany for so long, I dying for some haute cuisine. My only complaint is that the portion isn’t bigger.

2. Atmosphere

I don’t know much about architecture but whenever I am in Paris, I really want to channel Marie Antoinette and run around the city like a princess. Not trying to be cliche but the city does feel very romantic, cute, and feminine.

3. The people!

Of course, we wouldn’t have discovered the art of sophistication without you guys. 😀


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