Bordeaux – Come if you’re fancy


One of the most beautiful cities lit up at night is definitely Bordeaux. I wonder how the city residents feel about paying for all of these public lights but I guess that’s the price to pay to for the privilege of living in one of the world’s most gorgeous cities. I spent 5 days in Bordeaux and I managed to cover everything by feet.

Food prices were expensive as Paris but I can’t complain when the quality is worth the value. Bordeaux is famously known for its wine so of course every meal eaten should be complimented with wine. My favorite place to dine so far is the Petit Mignon, a small yet comfy place where it feels very local! The price is just right, not extravagent to kill your wallet if you’re a poor student like me. The manager can speak a little English but the waitress I had could not so you are in for a surprise for whatever you order! I didn’t really bother to ask what it’s in but when the food came, I was very satisfied. I ordered the steak mignon with fries, with a simplistic salad. The complimentary sauce for the fries was a creme that was subtley sweet, but not too overbearing. I had a red wine from the local vineyards of Bordeaux since red meat is complimented best with red wine.

When you are in France, you should try the Gallette, kind of like a crepe but made with buckwheat flour, and usually with a savoury filling–like a savory crepe. I had one with a sunny-side up egg and salami. Très délicieux!

The French at one point colonized Vietnam, my native country so of course France influenced a lot of the Vietnamese cuisine you see today. Pho, a Vietnamese beef noodle broth, was conceived from the cultural exchange. From all of my travels around the world, it is one of my goals to try the local pho in the city to gage how pho has evolved around the world, according to how each local Vietnamese immigrants adapt it to local ingredients. It was a Vietnamese restaurant that I stumbled upon but I forgot the name. It was not located in the touristy areas and most in the more secluded areas. (I had a lot of time to cover Bordeaux by foot.) The pho was pretty good! Not as good as Paris but I was very hungry from walking so much that it was the best thing to end the night with.


At every corner, you can always find some kind of church of cathedral. After traveling around Europe so much I am honestly getting sick of churches. It’s like the temples in Asia–it’s everywhere. Each church has a unique architecture to it, outside and inside, but I mostly just spend a few minutes admiring it before I leave.

Did France take by the Statue of Liberty? Haha, I found it while roaming around the residential areas of Bordeaux. This version is quite smaller, probably a little taller than me!


The Garonne river runs through Bordeaux so the citizens have built some bridges that is quite nice to walk through during the day or night. La place de la Victoire is the point where I always begin my daily stroll. It’s a very spacious, open city center with a 16 meter column in the center. Near it is a turtle with its baby. I have no idea what these two turtles symbolize but the locals are always sitting on it. I discovered the remains of the Roman amphitheatre, standing inconspiciously in the residential areas. I am pretty impressed they managed to perserved it through all these centuries.

This sculpture of this head is amazing to look it! It’s like an optical illusion. Try to look at it from different sides and it will take on different angles from the way the artist purposely scuplted it. It’s located across from the Opera house. There was a very remarkable musician from Spain sitting nearby it that day, singing some Spanish songs.

On my fifth, and last day, I walked from La place de la Victoire to Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas, the longest vertical-lift bridge in all of the Europe. I watched the sunset, a beautiful end to the trip. I implore you all to visit Bordeaux!


Photography by Udayan Khurana


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