AMERICA: What I miss and don’t miss


1. My parents

2. Racial diversity

3. Shops opened on Sundays

4. Free water in any restaurants or cafes

5. Happy hour

6. Friendly and open strangers who would start a random conversation with me about almost anything at anytime and anywhere and it wouldn’t be considered socially unacceptable

7. 24-7 shops like CVS, grocery stores, and other convenient shops

8. Warehouse-sized Asian supermarkets (Assi & H-Mart)

9. American snacks: Flaming hot cheetos / Reese’s / Lay’s Barbecue chips

10. All-you-can-eat 24-7 Korean barbecue (Honey pig)

11. Food chains: Chipotle / Auntie Anne’s Pretzels / Cinnabuns / Nando’s Chicken

12. $3 Vietnamese banh mi

13. Pho 75 / 14 / any number

14. Chinatown

15. Eden Center

16. Fresh seafood

17. Private room karaoke bars

18. Washington, D.C.

19. Good Mexican food

20. Costco

21. Lower income taxes

22. Netflix America

23. Optimal opportunities to make new friendships

24. Melting pot of cultures

25. Obama


1. Government shut downs

2. School shootings

3. Fox News (& other radical crazy news outlets)

4. Unreliable/lack of public transportation

5. Too many parking lots…everywhere

6.. Bad quality/lack of healthcare

7. Telecommunication monopolies like Verizon that offer unreliable and expensive internet

8. Expensive cellphone bills

9. Expensive grocery prices (Evil Wholefoods)

10. Expensive rent (I always had to share my bedroom while living in Washington, D.C.)

11. Expensive alcohol in the night life

12. Southern Republicans

13. Fraternities and sororities

14. American Football

15. Baseball

16. Hyper-consumerism (Black Friday/Cyber Monday)

17. Evangelicals that boldly approach me in public to request that I invite Jesus into my heart or start yelling at me with bible in hand that I’m going to hell

18. American exceptionalism

19. Ignorance about the rest of the world

20. Climate change denial

21. Hire and fire culture

22. Crazy people in the metro

23. 24 hours news channels (Argh, CNN)

24. Starbucks

25. Men’s choice of fashion, or lack of