Spandauer Zitadelle – Berlin’s Renaissance Fortress

Julius tower (13th century), a lookout tower
Julius tower (13th century), a lookout tower

Spandauer Zitadelle
Translation: Spandau Citadel

I was pleasantly surprised to finally getting some good weather in Berlin. (I mean, it’s already July–where’s the warm weather?!) So I decided to welcome the warm weather with a visit to a grassy, scenic place that I’ve never been to before. I present to you one of Berlin’s best preserved structures that dates back to the 1500s. It’s located in the very west of Berlin–the complete opposite of where I live in the East–so the metro ride there took around 45 minutes. But that’s just beecause Berlin is a huge city though so that’s why this city has everything to offer from renaissance fortresses to beautiful lakes to crazy bars and clubs.

The ingenuity behind the Spandauer Zitadelle’s architecture was naturally inspired by its most favorable formation. The fortress was built on an island so the surrounding waters became one of its most formidable defenses against aggressors. At the entrance, we crossed a bridge that gave you a stunning view of the lake with its bright green lily pads floating atop.

20150801_132123If you’re a sucker for any place that exudes anything medieval or renaissance then this is your playground. There’s an entrance fee but pretty cheap–5 € but 2.50€ if you’re a student. With my youthful look, I passed for one 😉

Once inside you feel like you’ve stepped back in time because the architecture and positioning of each building matched in something I’d see in a movie like Knight’s Tale or maybe even Game of Thrones. But the main attraction to see at the Zitadelle is the Julius tower, which stands thirty meters high and offers you a picturesque view of Berlin from the top.

After climbing the tower, we explored everything outside and it’s quite grassy and spacious for picnicking or throwing a Frisbee. As we walked across a bridge, we discovered a wedding that would have been great to crash if we had the appropriate attire. That means you can rent the Zitadelle for any events! I would rent for a crazy Game of Thrones  party and invite all of my friends to come and fight each other to the death.


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