ANIMALS – Tierpark


There are two zoos in Berlin and it was difficult in not only choosing which one that go first, but also in differentiating them given the fact that their names are so similar. The zoo in the western part of Berlin is called Tiergarten (Animal Garden) and the zoo in the east is called Tierpark (Animal Park). Tierpark is bigger and is apparently Europe’s biggest zoo, in terms of variety of species available. Although Tierpark is smaller, the animals have more space to live and there is a nice Schloss (palace) inside as well. Eventually we decided with Tierpark and saved the bigger zoo for another day in which we could dedicate more time.

Here’s what we saw:

Some extremely playful polar bears (German: Eisbären):

Bunnies! (German: Hasen)


This big guy, a Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig (German: Vietnamesisches Hängebauchschwein)

Some very affectionate horses! (German: Pferd)

Some fierce cats:

I met curious George and he was so ecstatic to see what I carried in my purse.

I love animals. I will be back. 🙂


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